About Bikesy

Welcome to Bikesy – an innovative and open bike mapping system specially designed to find flat, safe, and fast routes anywhere in the SF Bay Area.

We’ve never seen so many features, and we bet you haven’t either.

Avoid those uphill climbs.

San Francisco isn’t New York – they might have taller buildings, but we’ve got bigger hills. Since we couldn’t find another service that lets you choose slightly longer but less steep routes, we made our own. Even better, Bikesy automatically gives you an elevation profile for your ride to help you prepare for the tough parts.

Safety is our number one priority.

It’s not just hills that matter. In a region with as much traffic as the Bay Area, you’ll want to stay on bike lanes or paths whenever possible. Bikesy gives the flattest AND safest ways to get around.

3 x 3 = 9.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and our simple interface automatically chooses nine routes for you to pick from, ranging from the safest and most flat to the shortest and steepest. It’s easy to choose among three hill tolerances and three levels of safety (safe, safer, and safest) to find a path that’s right for you.

We’re serious about open source.

This part is a little geeky, but our back-end and front-end code is completely open. Plus, all our data is from OpenStreetMap, so you can edit the underlying map if you think we’ve got it wrong. Don’t like what we’ve done? Take our code and do it yourself! Or use our API to power your own app.

We’re cutting edge.

We’ve implemented some cute tricks like automatic geolocation that we think you’ll like.

Cute name, but doesn’t Google do it better?

Actually, there are a number of other bike mapping services that work in the Bay Area, and they’re all pretty good. We strongly encourage you to try out other services to find out how we’re different, but ours is the only site to give you a complete elevation profile for your trip and to let you choose from nine pre-computed routes.

If you find some neat features someone else has implemented that you’d like to see on Bikesy, let us know.

Wait, who are you?

Bikesy was started by BlinkTag Inc with very large contributions from Jerry Jariyasunant and Brandon Martin-Anderson.